Artwork produced for Message Boards
Sometimes, as a member of a forum, you are called upon either by muse or by circumstance, to express yourself in comic strip or other art form. The art on these pages was produced by me to be used on various message boards about various topics.
To the left, and below are some comics I made in honor of the currently defunct flea market/comedy show on the former Turner South Network called "Junkin'."

These avatars for a poster named: "Deviled Egg" were created in Regular and Holiday themes such as Easter and St. Patrick's Day.

This was a representation of various posters on the old Comedy Central message board devoted to "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn".

These were created for the "Big Brother 6" forum on the Fans of Reality TV message board:

I created this animated banner graphic in a contest for an Xmas themed banner on a Simpsons action figure collectors site called Simpsons Collector Sector.

For awhile, I was on a comic geeks board and there were some art challenges tossed around there that I took part in. Here are some entries of mine, nobody else seemed to care much about them:

Here's a comic illustrating a tale told by a poster about his military experience.
These were just some sample caricatures done to show how caricatures could be used to make fun of people in your office, as gift ideas, etc. Not very effective you don't know the actual people that are being caricatured though.
These are just some illustrations that used existing photos of posters with completely new bodies and backgrounds added by me.
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